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For thousands of years, we've lived on this sphere
We have live and loved, and spread hate and fear
But who here knows where life first derived
Could it be that our ancestry is inscribed
In ancient ruins and buildings and wonders
Whose riches and secrets our scientists plunder
Is it so possible that a long time ago
Space goers from another world bestowed
Everyone here with a heritage unknown
But by looking to the stars we can see where they've flown

Perhaps it is imagination that drives us
Or an essence of truth that we arrive thus
With these theories and ideas they must have been once imagined
Or based on truth of things that did happen
In the end it is all speculation
Of an idea as old as time
So fuck this bullshit with me trying to rhyme
Because if and when a planet arrives in our horizon
I will glance at it, in awe of it's glory and splendor
And if by chance, it contains some aspect of our ancestry
I look forward to finding out
Or maybe I am entertaining stupid crazy ideas

But at least they sure sound neat

Homecoming by warlocktheripper

/ / / ©2009-2016 warlocktheripper
What the fuck it wrong with me
Loconn Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
Nothing sounds wrong with you. You are wondering about the origins of life on this planet. Whether the knowledge can be gleamed from ancient civilizations, whether we are in fact descended from the rejects of an alien race. All theories must start somewhere so where is the basis on which this theory was built, is it rooted in fact. As you say it is all mere speculation.

I like this because it is just simple musings and thoughts, which in my opinion is what poetry should deal with, thoughts, feelings and musings.
warlocktheripper Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009   Writer
Indeed. I happen to agree with you! Been reading a lot of stuff on planet x

Wondered if it was rooted in truth or not.
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